GView Java Web Start

GView can be launched through a web browser using Java Web Start. This will bring up an ''Open'' window which can be used to select some of the input files a user may wish to view. Alternatively, an example set of data can be launched for preview purposes. See Interacting With GView for instructions on how to interact with the GView viewer.

Launch Example Data


This will launch GView preloaded with an example set of data. The example data will display the Roseobacter denitrificans genome in either a circular or linear form. Genes that have a BLAST hit to a COG category are coloured and displayed on the outer slots.

Please note that GView will be rendering a large genome for viewing. It may take some time for the GView window to appear.

Launch Custom

This will launch GView using Java Web start, and provides the option to select input files and style sheets to render a genome in GView. Some example files are included with the GView Download or can be found below. To customize the appearance, the provided GSS files must be modified. Please see the GSS section for more information.

Example GSS Files:


Example Genbank Files:

nc_007622.gbk.zip -- This file contains a strain of Staphylococcus aureus obtained from http://wishart.biology.ualberta.ca/BacMap/.
Contact: Aaron Petkau, Eric Marinier, Matthew Stuart-Edwards at gview@phac-aspc.gc.ca