Getting Started


Click on Launch GView or the button shown below to launch an example circular GView Map using Java Webstart. If successful, you should end up with a GView Map as shown at the left. For more options see the GView Web Start section.

To get started with the downloadable GView package, see the Download section to download the GView binaries or source code and follow the below instructions.

If GView fails to launch, you may not have Java installed. See the Installing Java section for instructions on how to test if Java is installed.

Opening GView


The GView software package comes as an executable JAR file with some example data files. Open GView by either double clicking on the gview.jar file or by running the following on the command line in the unzipped GView directory:

java -jar gview.jar

In both cases, you should be shown a GView window that appears as shown.

Selecting Files

You can select your Sequence Data, GView Style Sheet and GFF files by clicking the adjacent Browse buttons. The GView Style Sheet and GFF files are optional. Example data and styles are provided in their respective example folders in the GView download. Click Build Map to have GView build the map with the selected files.

See the Interacting with GView and Style Editor documentation for more information on how to use the GView Viewer.
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