GView User Feedback

We are looking for feedback about the user interface in GView to help guide future developments in the GView software package. Given below are a set of instructions and a few basic questions about the user interface and other aspects of GView that we are interested in developing for the next iteration. If you are interested in letting us know what you think, please follow the instructions and send the answers plus any other comments to gview@phac-aspc.gc.ca.



Launch GView

1. Click on Launch GView to launch the latest (in development) version of GView. This should bring up a screen that looks similar to the left. If this does not work for you, please refer to the Java Installation page to test if Java is installed.


Open Style Editor

2. Go to Style > Style Editor in the top menu to open up the style editor. This should bring up a screen that looks similar to the left.


Modify Colors of Feature Sets

3. In the style editor, go to Slots > Slot 1 > FeatureFilter. You should see a screen similar to the left. From here click on the Color box and change the color of the features defined in this set. Click on Apply to make the changes permanent.



Add New Slots and Feature Sets

4. In the style editor, click on the Slots element. Now go to Edit > New > Slot to add a new slot to the map. Enter in the number 2 for the slot and click OK. You should see an entry in the style editor for Slot 2.

5. Click on Slot 2, and go to Edit > New > Set. You should see a window come up asking for a Mapper Type. Set the Mapper Type to By Type and enter in tRNA as the type. Click OK. Now click on Apply in the style editor window to apply all changes. The style editor, and GView window should look similar to the left.


Creating New Styles

6. In the Style Editor click on Edit > New > Style. This will load up the data with a new style which can be modified independently.

7. To switch between styles, you can use the Current Style drop-down menu in the Style Editor, or the Style > Styles menu in GView. The displayed GView map should update automatically depending on what style is selected. This should look similar to the image on the left.



8. Feel free to try out other options in the style editor and elsewhere in GView and include any issues you encounter.


  1. Is there any part of the style editor navigation that you would like to see changed? How so?
  2. Are there parts of the user interface that are confusing?
  3. What aspects of the style editor or of GView are you most interested in seeing enhanced or made easier? What aspects don't matter so much for the work you're doing?
  4. Do you have any other comments or suggestions?
Please send your answers to gview@phac-aspc.gc.ca.
Contact: Aaron Petkau, Eric Marinier, Matthew Stuart-Edwards at gview@phac-aspc.gc.ca