Image Gallery


These images show the variety of ways genomes can be displayed with GView.

gview_general_1 gview_general_2 gview_general_3 gview_general_anthracis gview_general_ecoli gview_general_ecoli2 gview_general_genes gview_general_roseobacterDenitrificans gview_general_roseobacterDenitrificans_linear

User Interface

These images showcase GView's user interface options and the ability to customize styles with the style editor.

gview_gui_bev_2 gview_gui_menu_1_6 gview_gui_se_3 gview_gui_style_editor_1 gview_gui_style_editor_2 gview_gui_tooltip_2 gview_gui_tooltip_3


These images show that GView is capable of displaying BLAST Atlas results produced by GView Server.

gview_blast_circular gview_blast_linear gview_blast_pangenome


These images show that GView is backwards compatible with the CGView XML files. Each input XML file was rendered in both linear and circular layouts.

gview_xml_complex_circular gview_xml_complex_linear gview_xml_simple_circular gview_xml_simple_linear
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